Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 7 | Mary White

Hello everyone. Today is our last day in Haiti and I really wish that I could say another week, but I can’t. This week has be a great week made some new Haitian friends and so great memories. Today was a house dedication the family was so very thankful that we came to help them. The family couldn't say thank you enough. I could tell they was very thankful ,because they stay in the house last night usually they can’t say in the house for seven days . Our translates was great all three of them stay and talk to all of us for most of the day, They really didn't have to. The best part of the day I got to see the child that I am sponsoring. She has not change that much but I got to learn that she has two brothers and one sister. I really thought I would not get to see her I was so happy when they told me that I could see her. What we did was played on the playground that we built two years ago. It sounds like she never went to it so I was really happy that I got to spent some of my day with her. We also got to eat at Mountain Maid for lunch and I got the steak sandwich it was not like the ones that we have in the states, also we got to have home made ice cream desserts. There is some much I could tell you all but it will take to long.

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