Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 8 | Bill Morlan

Well, group one left at 7:30am and it was just as hard to watch them leave as it was last year. I did better containing my emotions, but I couldn’t talk and say good bye. So to all of my first group, Love you all and see ya soon. Lloyd and I spent the day changing out the Noah’s Ark signs. I guess they are spelled wrong in their language. We got 3 of the 4 done just before the new group arrived. Changing these signs was harder than it looked. the new group arrived early, which is strange for here and we unloaded and put stuff away. It was very nice having Brice here the first week with one of his youth, but it was awesome to see my wife with the group. Tyler, Kent and Logan are here this week so I think my sift singing songs will continue. We will begin our work in the morning so please be in prayer for us. Pray that we stay healthy this week and that God will be glorified.

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  1. On the trip home Miranda came up with a new sifting song. Sung tithe time of Chubby Checkers "The Twist".
    Along the lines of " you take it in both hands...and do the sift". Yes we were that desperate and bored :)