Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 9 | Allie Conley

Today I was at the church site which had the long drive it wasn’t that bad. When we got there Hannah and I busted up concrete flooring but got fired by the Haitians because we were slow. Then everyone made an assembly line and we had to pass the concrete pieces from the inside of the church tot the outside. After that I sifted some sand and mastered the “flip”. We took a lot of breaks to play with the kids. Two girls braided my hair. The ride home was worse because I was tired. That’s all for tonight. Love everybody back home.


  1. I smiled instantly at the girls braiding your hair. Prayers still going up! Love ya!!

  2. Allie it is you mom and I tried to comment on this blog 2 different times yesterday. I guess you could say I am a bit challenged. So glad to hear that everything is going ok, that work is getting done and you are spending time with the kids. Love and miss you lots, Mom