Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 9 | Shannon Robison

Today was our first day of working! At the house site, I sifted sand, sifted more sand, and then sifted even more sand. We had to sift medium/large sand first, then fine sand. I spent most of my time sifting fine sand to fill a 55-gallon barrel, and then more. My arms are bound to be toned by the end of this trip. We worked for about 7 hours. The only source of shade was the tarp the family set up for us, under which we took water breaks and ate lunch. Two young Haitian boys sat and watched us eat. It was very difficult knowing that they were likely hungry and that we could not give anything to them. Although the weather was definitely hot (probably somewhere in the mid to high 90s range), it was bearable. We fully appreciated each and every breeze that graced our worksite, though. The rest of our team was able to make great progress on laying the bricks for the walls of the house. Tomorrow, the walls should definitely be finished. Our team, however, is headed to the church site to work on renovations and the first day of Vacation Bible School. I cannot wait to see and interact with all of the Haitian kids!!! :) Our transportation to and from the worksites is a truck. We stand in the bed of the truck with all of our supplies and hold on tight to a metal frame. Along our rides today we saw many cows, goats, and a horse. Oh, and this morning before Bible Study with the Haitians, we discovered a tarantula! (Dad, thankfully, the tarantula was already outside, so I didn’t have to plead with anyone to capture and release it. Although, I did convince one of the girls to spare the life of another spider we found crawling throughout our mound of sand at the house.) Upon our return to the compound after working, I was coated with sweat and sand. My immediate shower felt unbelievably wonderful. After relaxing for awhile, we headed to dinner (pizza and cookies) and then relaxed for the rest of the night until Bible Study. (Mom, I finally took my hair out today. People were thoroughly impressed by your braiding skills.) I had such a great time today and am extremely proud of all that we were able to accomplish. God’s presence is obvious in Haiti. I am just glad He has given me the opportunity to serve Him here.


  1. You know, you spare one spider, and then another.....and before you know it you have Son of Spider coming in to play....and then Sons of Spiders, and the Sons of Sons of Spiders......
    Make sure those guys don't hitch a ride when you come back!! ;)

  2. Hey cuz!!! I'm glad you are having a good time. Sorry to hear about all the spiders. When I was there I didn't see one. Hope you have a great day at the church and your Translator Jude is a cool dude.

  3. Sorry about the spiders. Hope your day at the church goes great.

  4. Our comment did not make it on your page for this day so I will try again!! We are enjoying reading the blogs and the videos!!! Ugh..hope you saw the tarantula! We read the home you are building is for a family with a young girl and an infant awesome is that for you! Love you and so proud!