Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 9 | Bronlynn Morlan

Well I have decided that the last part of the driver’s test is a tetris puzzle or one of those slide puzzles that I had as a kid. You would have to experience the ride in the back of the truck to completely believe it. They have also provided me with a bucket to get up into the truck for all of you that were concerned, besides me, with just getting up into the ride. I had a great first day, but this city girl who just pretends to be a country girl is more than tired. Yes, just as was planned I sifted sand, and sifted sand, and then I sifted sand. I took one 15 minute break to carry a few blocks with Kenton because he was doing it by himself but then it was back to the sand and sift, sift, sift. It is funny you start out at 9am with energy and strength to move mountains of rock with shovels and sift and throw the large rocks and by 3pm you are focused on just maintaining any steady pace. We really didn’t have a lot of kids around the house today but a few of the girls played a little soccer with two boys but we were on the side of a mountain so it was a long run to get the ball when someone missed it. The plan right now for me tomorrow is to travel to the church site and, yes you guessed it, sift sand. We are also planning on doing VBS at the church site tomorrow and most of us will be working with around 100 children. Mom and Dad I love you and I sure am glad you are feeling better! Bryson, Leandra and Jarren I love you too! Bible study girls I love you guys too and thanks for your comments and I know that you are praying I feel them!


  1. We are reliving our experiences in Haiti as we read your and Shannon's blogs! We laughed as you described the driving!! We also remember the FULL energy early in the day...take care..we are praying for all of ya.

  2. So happy you got your climbing bucket! Monday night girls discussed that has a plan for you last week! :-) Continued prayers for safety, strength and God's great work to be accomplished! ♡ Love to you and the rest of the gang!

  3. Keeping you in my prayers
    Love you bunches!!