Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 2 | Trey Jack

Today was an adventure. I was on the church site groups. Going in took 2 hours of standing on a dump truck. I sifted sand for most part of the day. I helped move big rocks out of the church during demo. It was so fun to interact with the kids and see there smile. While working we encountered a rain storm and had to hide in the church. The ride back was the crazy part; where it had rain there was mud and it was slick. We had to jump out of the truck for them to get it up the hill for us to get back on then turn around and get back off at the next turn or hill. A few times it felt like a near death experience. That took at least 3 hours. A boy tried to sell me his horse for 40 dollars because he knew I was struggling. Over all I had a great time working and playing with the kids


  1. Please, no horses. Hug Marylou for me. Dad

  2. Proud of u....keep plugging! Love horses! Yo momma