Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 6 | Miranda Riffle

Today was our last official day of work and we finished the house for the family and it looked great. I was the only girl in the house group today, which was interesting… but I also got to play with some children while all the guys worked. At one point in time I had about 8 children trying to catch the bubbles that I was blowing—they were screaming and laughing trying to catch them, it was great. Dad and Bryson had a little boy hanging all over them today and he was a cutie—once they tossed him up in the air, it was on and he never left their side the rest of the day. Overall, it was a really great day. We got to see many kids, some of us played ball with them and blew bubbles, they hung all over us and giggled and I even got to sit with our translator and read them a story and link it to how much God loves us just for being us. Today did it for me in reassuring how much I really will miss this place and the people that I have met—the staff that we have worked with and the families and children we have met have made my entire summer and I will be sad to have to leave here.

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