Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 6 | Randy Riffle

Today we finished the house. It was probably the hottest day we have had but we finished early and had time for the kids. As a group we played with the kids and read books to them. I got the chance to sit back and watch Miranda read to them. She was the center of attention for most of the day. She had 6 -8 kids at one time today. Lots of bubbles. As the little girls tugged at her all day she had lots of time to teach and learn. It was pretty awesome to watch her learn as well as teach the little ones. I got the opportunity to play with a small boy about 4-5 today. He was a lot of fun and got used to Bryson and I. As the day progressed he was hanging all over us and we took every opportunity to toss him around and play with him. As this trip comes to an end I look back at the smiles that will always be in my memories. This experience has been a blessing but getting to experience it with Miranda has made it really special. I really will miss the people that I have met and this place. Hopefully one day I will get to return and hopefully get to see some of the kids that I have enjoyed this trip. See everyone in a couple days…………….P.S. Miss you bunches Jen..

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