Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 10 | Mickey

What can I say but God is awesome, he has truly blessed us with another great day. Bible study with the Haitians was great, after the message the leader for the Haitians started singing a song in Creole that we recognized and our group began to sing in English. It’s very amazing, even with a language barrier there is no barrier with God no matter where you are. We had beautiful weather today and much was accomplished. One group built another play set for the little kids that included a small rock climbing wall, 2 cargo nets for climbing and a slide. Another group constructed the roof and the swinging bridge that goes on top of the Ark. We had several the spent the day using a router to carve scripture out that was translated into Creole that is going to be hung on the sides of the Ark. Once that was done they took the colors of the rainbow and painted the letters of the scripture so they would be very visible. Another small group finished the spiral slide on the upper end of the Ark and then installed the other slide and built a climbing ladder and a lower platform so they could climb up to the 2 slides. Josiah and a couple of the Haitian kids were able to try out the slides and everyone was excited to watch them. Each day the number of Haitians that come out and watch continues to increase. We are getting several comments from them about how excited they are that they will have a place for their children to play. This has also lead some our team to be able to share with the Haitians and Shawn had the best possible experience today when she got to share Gods love with a young man and she was able to pray with him as he accepted Christ as his savior. All of the kids are working hard and cant wait to finish so we don’t have to tell the kids watching that they cant play on it yet. If all goes well we could finish Monday. That would be great, it would allow us to spend the last 2 days playing with the kids. While checking the swinging bridge one of the boards broke with me. After that everything has to pass the Mickey test. If it will hold me it will hold any of the Haitians here. It took me almost 2 hours to fix this mistake and in doing so by not listening I gave myself a nice black eye. As Bill always says “I told you so”, but all in all everything is going great and I wish the first group was still here to help finish what they started. But I also know that God had a greater plan in mind by splitting us into 2 groups. The first group had the vision and laid the foundation and you may never know how many lives you affected or how many seeds were planted by the work that you done. Some of us spend a part of the day talking with different Haitians about how much they appreciate the work that we are doing and what this is going to do for the ministry of the Baptist Haiti Mission. It did me good to see the girls this evening via face time. Thank you Eric for allowing me to see and to talk to Marcy, Riley, and Faith. Take care and I love you.

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  1. It was good to see you, too! Just wish Eric could make me look thinner. When I told Riley oh my I have a double chin! - She said yes you do! (Thanks for the love kid!) Why is it so cute on Faith? Her stubborn streak is showing more and more! Lord give me strength! I love her so much though! Glad to have Riley home, but she's complaining that her stomach hurts. Hopefully it will pass soon! Can't tell how much it really hurts because she's a little dramatic like her momma! She's growing so fast and I love her dearly! On a different subject, are you leaving Thursday morning? Wasn't for sure when you would be arriving home. Hopefully your black eye will be better by then! Riley wants to wait and go to the movies to see Monster University when you get home. I told her depending upon how you felt maybe on Sunday we could go. She misses you so much, but camp came at a great time! Be safe - no more boards to the face, okay? Love you!