Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 13 | Darren

Today was another awesome devotional to start the morning. Many locals are coming out every day to start the day worshiping with us. I know I will be called a liar, but Mark’s sermon today was done in under 10 minutes! He had a really good interpreter, Johnny a local who will be a HS senior. After devotion, we headed for the market. It was crowded and like nothing you can imagine on all the sights and the way food is handled. You have no idea how spoiled we are just to have a supermarket to go get things. Seeing motorcycles carrying entire families or 6-8 goats to the market is not what we picture. From the market, we took a ride in the dumptruck. Haiti has a beautiful landscape, but the ride today shows how truly harsh that conditions are. I still can’t grasp how the basic necessities are a huge effort every day for these people. Water, food, and shelter are sometimes beyond their reach. We saw houses without roofs. It is usually several miles to the nearest water (there are no wells). And the market, well…words don’t do justice. Our final stop was at a mountain top bakery. Wood fired oven, hand crank started generator other primitive equipment, but the bread was good. Back at the camp, we were putting the final touches on the ark. We were swarmed by so many kids playing as things were opened up. Tomorrow morning will be the dedication service for the ark. I pray that God uses this tool for so much of an opportunity to expose the local people to another part of his greatness with the story of Noah. Praise Him for everything he is doing both here and inside us!

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