Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 13 | Shawn

My group went on the first trip to the market today. That was interesting. I’m not a fan of crowds so you can only imagine how tight my chest felt as I walked (or squeezed) through each vendor. I accidentally got shoved and landed on a lady’s table. She was nice about it. Whew! Smoked dried out fish, raw meat and fresh veggies were everywhere. Mmmm! I can only imagine what “Behind the Kitchen Door” in the Citizens News would have to say. There were also herds of animals tied up just about everywhere if you preferred “very fresh” meat. After, we took a tour up the mountainside in the back of our dump truck while hanging from bars. Did I mention that we STOOD in the back of the truck? We did… the whole time. The scenic views were absolutely breathtaking so I actually forgot about not having a seat. When we got back, we worked hard to finish the ark. Lots of kids came to play before we got done so we ended up losing some of our youth while they joined in the fun showing them how to use the playground. ShonShon came back and played w/ Holden. James came back and I got to talk to him again. Tiara had an interesting time w/ a group of girls. See her blog. Looking forward to the playing all day tomorrow.

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