Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 11 | Bill

This morning’s church service was a lot different from last week. First, it was youth Sunday and a youth is anyone under 30. The service was more upbeat and lasted for 2 ½ hours. Secondly, I guess I fell asleep during part of the service and a little old woman came to sit down and I didn’t let her in because I was asleep. What a service. Worship here is a lot different than worship at GBC. The team went on the HIKE today only this time they took the easy trail. No cliffs to climb down this time. As far as the playground goes, we still have a lot of work to do. We still have about 2 days worth of hard work to finish before it will be open for the kids. We have people watching us all of the time and many of them are taking pictures of the boat. The security guards are having a time trying to keep everyone off of it until we are done. You can see it in the kids eyes that they are just waiting for it to be open. We are hoping to have it done by Wens. so that we can play on it with the kids and show them how to use it. We shall see if that happens. I have had a lot of time now to reflect on week one and the group. Here are my week one thoughts. First, I just want everyone to know how hard they worked and how they came together as a team. Their attitude was great and so was their desire to serve our Lord. Each person played an important role and there is no job to small as long as your heart is in the right place. I learned that Emily B can tackle anything that she puts her mind to and kicked the mountain’s butt. Tyler can tell his stories no matter what country he is in and they are still funny but more important, he has a heart to serve. Russell can work very hard and eat even harder but he has an overwhelming desire to finish what he starts. Logan is an artist in Haiti and is still a perfectionist who can make a little boy smile with his art work and is not afraid to let God use his talents. Vicki has the determination to conquer the hike and is still our water lady and proved that you can accomplish anything in the Lord that you set your mind to. Lane can make a friend anywhere and his music is just as sweet in Haiti and he will do what ever it takes to give God the glory. Gina has a great sense of humor and I would never want to be with her in a dark alley and have something bad happen because she is a lot faster than me and I would be the one attacked but she truly has a heart for Christ. Cheryl can cook and has a killer smile that brightens any room and wasn’t afraid to try anything new. Lori can make any skirt look good and still has her cheerleader moves and has the attitude that makes any group better. Hannah looks like a ninja and is fearless when it comes to facing her fears. Emily C is my new favorite and has an attitude that motivates those around her. Allie C likes Mickey the best and has the desire to make the best out of any situation. Courtney can’t beat Russell but has the determination to never give up and this is a quality that we all can learn from. Quinn is still one of my girls and is not afraid to try anything new with the desire to conquer it. Mary will get hurt by Logan no matter where she stands, but the love she has for others is Christ like. John likes to read everything in site but prove he can work along side the Haitians and keep up. Eric is still the master of technology and kept everyone posted on what was going on here and yes he does have an app for that. Becka is a super trooper who went through a lot of pain but never gave up to be here with us and you can see her servants heart. Mic is still the muscle of the group even though he is constantly being challenged by the younger generation and he is the glue that holds me together on these trips. Lloyd is the brains of the operation and he still makes me nervous when he tells me he has another idea. Trey can do back flips in Haiti too and has a true desire to serve the Lord in any way he can. Brent likes to avoid all cameras but works very hard at whatever task you give him. Kelsie now likes skirts but I have found out this week that she is a natural leader and great things are in store for her. Besides Jesus, the most important person on my team, my wife. She gives me the encouragement to keep trying and to push my limits on every trip and who supports me no matter how crazy it sounds. I can’t imagine doing any of this without her on my side. I hope everyone has realized that just because you left Haiti doesn’t mean that you have left the mission field. Wherever you are today, you are on the mission field and God desires to use you there like He used you here. Love ya bron


  1. Thank you honey for "poking' your head into the Skype tonight. I know that you prefer to have the kids share and connect with everyone but I was really needing some face time with you. I am so proud of all that you can accomplish and even more amazed at how you can bring out the best in everyone including me. You get people, of all ages, to see what they can become in Christ and what they thought they couldn't do they can because of your belief in them. It is truly amazing how God uses you. I called your parents this evening to tell them that I had seen you first hand and that all your arms and legs were in tact (even though I couldn't see all of them) and that you were indeed fine. I look forward to your return on Friday and all the amazing details of your trip, complete with photos. I Love You Honey and I look forward to what God has in store for us in the future!!!!

  2. Thank you for the kind words.If you take another trip to Haiti I pray I make it for I know there is a lot more work there for us to do in Gods name.

  3. Hello all,
    I laughed as I read this post. Our group did have a lot of laughs and worked hard. It was a great week and one that I'll never forget. Quinn is already lobbying for a longer stay in Haiti next year. The trip has had a significant impact on her life and her walk.
    I have enjoyed reading the blogs this week, especially Shawn's encounter with James. It reminded me of when Philip explained the Word to the Ethiopian eunuch. Praying for the remainder of your week and can't wait to see the kids playing on the ark!

  4. I enjoyed your post!! We had a great time and Courtney and I miss u all!! It sounds like everything is going great and the kids are ready to play. Can't wait to see video and pics of the kids on the ark!!! You have been in our thoughts and prayer. Cheryl and Courtney