Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 13 | Chase

Well today started pretty good there wasn’t a ton of chaos because we were spilt up in two groups. I was in the second group so I worked the morning. We just finished up the roof on the ark. Also got some of the braces and supports up. Then the sand arrived as we were leaving to go to the market which made me happy because there was a bunch of sand. Well we were spilt up again at the market. We had two interpretors jonny and zeppy my group had zeppy he was pretty cool. The market is crazy people were everywhere and meat and fish with flies all over it was a new experience for sure. I would hate to have to buy my food like that every day. There was some cool stuff to though I didn’t take pictures because they said that it could cause a riot so its hard to explain it all. I did buy some mangos so that was kinda cool, but then we done a little exploring they showed us where the people started at with all there stuff at 1:00 in the morning to get to the market to sell and we also went to the bread bakery which was pretty cool how they made it and was really good too. Then we headed back to the homestead and wouldn’t ya know it the sand was still there so we got to shoveling it where it needed to be but it got done so that’s all that mattered. There was kids everywhere I mean everything had a kid on it was awesome to see there faces and to show them to use a slide and swings it was worth the hole trip to see that. It has been cool to watch how God work through this week with everything it was really cool and happy to see and hear later on what this will do for Haiti and God!

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