Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 12 | Becka

Another great work day. I'm sore from digging in the dirt. Darlene, Jerri and I spent a lot of time digging some 'flower beds' that were mostly clay and rock. We are transplanting some flowers so that there will be more colors around the ark. Its looking better by the hour. We cleaned up some of the leaves and sticks that had been laying around. This morning there was a father and daughter standing nearby the ark watching us. I went over and introduced myself. I was excited to find out that the father spoke some english. His name is Johnny and his daughter Ginny. I talked with them a little bit and then invited them Ginny to come try our little slide out. We constructed it on Saturday but haven't had any children around to test the little cargo net. Ginny jumped right on the cargo net but didn't know how to use it. She just put her feet in it not her hands and almost fell backwards. So I jumped on it and showed her how to climb and go do the little double slide. She was quite scared, I think because she had never been on anything like it before. She gripped the sides of the slide pretty hard. Once she let go, her eyes became very big and she was excited. It was awesome to see a little girl who had never been on a slide before enjoy our hard work. I then showed her how to climb up the bigger yellow slide. Oh my goodness, her eyes were so big! She loved it. I let her go a few times and then took her to the biggest red curly slide. There's video of that on the Day 12 video (not posted yet). She was adorable. Her dad had to go the hospital to get checked out. It was hard to tell what was wrong but I'm going to pray for him. He said he will bring her back tomorrow to play when it is all done, I can't wait! Thanks Jake and Courtney for comments. Jake I'm working hard to make Haiti more Lovie :) Cheryl - I hope you and Courtney are doing well. I really enjoyed spending the week getting to know you. You both are such a blessing.


  1. Praying for you daily Becka. I love and miss you.
    Love to Eric also.xoxo
    Mary Jo

  2. Awesome progress guys - can't wait to see the dedication video and all the smiling faces on the Haitian kids! Is Mickey going to be allowed to attend the dedication ceremony, or will he still be in 'timeout' for breaking the swinging bridge? I'm guessing he got two days in the brink for doing that... Enjoy your last two days there! Love to you & Eric and tell them team the fruits of their hard work will be blessing people for many years to come. Dad K