Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 14 | Travis

Today is the last full day we are in Haiti and we put the finishing touches on the ark. It looks exactly like I would’ve dreamed. I can’t believe we were able to build that in 2 weeks with the 2 mission groups! It truly is amazing how many kids came out to play on the playground and I hope they continue to do so. Plus, we took a bunch of pictures. The group got to meet the children they sponsored today too and I played with Emerson’s child that he sponsored “Rood” and he has the same birthday as me too so that’s pretty cool! Seeing the eyes of these kids man, it is something special and it is such a touching experience. We also went to the gift shops and bartering today. It is definitely a different experience compared to the USA. You are just surrounded by people asking you to buy their stuff, it is literally wild! Mountain Maid was a good place to eat when we had lunch. The past week has without a doubt changed me in different kinds of ways after seeing Haiti through my own eyes. Even though they don’t have much here, they haven’t lost faith in themselves and God and that alone is all the motivation that you really need to not lose your faith no matter what happens to you. I can’t wait to talk to my family tonight over Skype either. We are packing up tonight and flying out in the morning then we make the drive from Florida back up to those lovely mountains of West Virginia! We should be back home Friday morning and I cannot wait until I can see my family, girlfriend, and friends again! Because I have missed them so much! God bless to all!

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  1. I am very sorry Travis we didnt see you at the Church . We miss you & want to see you in person I hope they get you on a good plane .I never have liked those types of airplanes.