Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 11 | Shawn

This morning’s church service was very different than what we are used to. First, I could understand very little of what was said but the atmosphere was nothing short of amazing. Everyone wore their best! Some prayed as they sat down to worship. Everyone participated w/ praises, shouts of amen and clapping. Service started at 6. We made it at 6:30 and many others filtered in after. It wasn’t over until 8:45 and no one left their seat during the service. I wished I hadn’t had 2 cups of coffee before, but none the less, I didn’t leave my seat either. A young girls choir sang “Heart of Worship” and even sang a few lines in English for us. I got a little emotional but fought back the tears as I didn’t have a tissue and Darren prefers I not use his sleeve. He will let me if I’m in a bind because he’s just that sweet. We went on a beautiful hike for 4 hours and 15 minutes. We made it up several extreme waterfalls, but stopped to soak up some sun and watch 3 little boys play in the water while some of the kids went on w/ our guide Johnny to the next waterfall. The walk back up the mountain to the camp was intense, but I really felt wimpy when I saw some ladies carrying laundry back up on their heads. They walk this daily. Ugh! We met a lot of people and shook several hands. It’s a blessing to be here.

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