Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 14 | Mickey

What a wonderful day it was. Everyone worked hard today and got everything cleaned up and got to spend the rest of the day playing with the kids. For everyone that sponsored a child for school we got to meet them today. I sponsored a 9 year old boy that is going in the fourth grade. He has 4 other brothers and 5 sisters. I choose him because he and Riley are the same age. It was good to meet him and when we did he handed me a picture that he had drawn for me. A part of the sponsor program is that each child gets a gift bag. In his gift bag was a bag of marbles, 2 stickers, 2 bible story books, a match box car, and a bag of gummies. He was very excited to get these few toys, because here kids to the Ark and showed him each of the rides that he could play on. After showing him each of them we played on the swing set for a few minutes and he was off running and playing with all of the kids. I then talked with his mother for a few minutes and then they were gone. This has been a great mission trip and I am looking forward to see where God leads me next. But in the meantime I am ready to get home to my wife and girls. I miss them very much. I only wish the first group was here to share in this experience with us and see all of the smiling faces on the kids and the mothers as they show their kids how to use the rock wall, cargo net and the slides. There are also several adults going up and down on the Ark. On our way to lunch today, Mark, Lloyd, Chase and I watched the security guard go up the Ark and then slide down the spiral slide. If you can picture this – he stands about 6’2” and goes about 260 lbs. In the 3 trips I have been here I have never seen him without his jacket on. No matter what the temperature is, and he carries a pistol grip shotgun. When he went down the slide he had one of the biggest smiles on his face I had ever seen. Earlier in the day he had his children there playing and showing then how everything works. God is so good. It is amazing how he has allowed us to get this accomplished this week and then have time to play with the kids. Hard to believe this is almost over. By this time tomorrow I should be back in the US and on my way home. Thank you Lord for all that you have done for me and allowed me to be a part of.

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