Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 12 | Rachel

I had a wonderful day! It was the last full day of working on the ark. I did a lot of different work today. I dug holes, painted fences, and built the roof on top of the ark with Kelsie. I’m sure my mom and dad are very surprised at the last thing I did. Yes guys, I got on the VERY top of the ark and put the roof boards on! I was high up in the air, and surprisingly… I wasn’t afraid at all! (: It was a great experience. After working we had a normal evening filled with bible study and dinner. After dinner the team was offered a special chance to sponsor a child that goes to one of the Baptist Haiti Mission’s schools. Most of the team picked a child they wanted to sponsor. Ash and I decided to sponsor a child together. His name is Orchy Rebeca, and in September he will be 4 years old. I am so happy we got the chance to sponsor him. He is adorable! This Wednesday we will hopefully get to meet this little guy. It would be a blessing to meet a child that we are helping. This trip has been a wonderful experience, but I am ready to be home! I miss everyone so much. I love you, Jordan and I will see you soon! (: I love you, Mom Dad Jenny and Erica! P.S. Mom and Dad, Wednesday night at church at 7 p.m. Ashley and I will be on the skype thing. I don’t know if you went Sunday or not but only a few people are allowed to go. We won’t be able to see you guys, but you will be able to see us. We will also be able to answer questions and talk some. You don’t have to go if you don’t want to but we will be there! Love you guys, see you soon! (:


  1. Rachel, so glad to hear you were brave today!! I wouldn't have been, haha!! I love that you are sponsoring a child! LOVE IT! And to meet him makes it even more amazing. We miss you so much. Lane messaged me today and told me you would be on Skype. I told him to please let GBC folks talk instead. I said we are just blessed you guys to go and that we are happy with that! (I think daddy was afraid we'd all get so boohooey!) We see glimpses of you guys working on the videos and we are so thankful for that. I swear every time your dad disappears in the house and I go find him, he is on the website reading blogs or watching video! I am so, so thankful for it! I love you honey. I am thankful for your work there! You whole team is amazing; I love to watch you working together. Bill is a hoot! Loves to you! Can't wait to have you home!

  2. so proud of you ! I know u r working hard for the Lord we miss see u really soon prayers and hugs pastor Ted & Marilou