Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 14 | Bill

It’s coming to a close. Today about all we did was finishing the rings and clean up all the tools. Even though we didn’t do much today, I am very tired. It is the kind of relief feeling when you’ve been on vacation and you cross the WV state line and you just exhale. That is the feeling that I have right now. This trip has been excellent but I am ready to come home. Even though we didn’t do much today, there were some great highlights. Those who sponsored children got to meet them today and play with them on the playground. Trey found 5 of the 7 children that were sponsored. It was just as emotional as last week, lucky Vicki wasn’t here. Then came time for some bartering. Some of the people liked it and others didn’t but everyone still thought that they got a bargain. The playground is in full operation and it has been packed all day. It is amazing to see the expressions on their faces and to hear the laughter on the equipment. What we take for granted, they are seeing for the first and there is so much excitement in their voice is indescribable. This trip like all have been a giant blessing and you learn so much about the people you work with. God has truly blessed us on this adventure and we have so much to praise him about. We still need your prayers as we head home tomorrow. all there is left to say is PRAISE GOD and I love ya bron and tell the boys hi


  1. I can't wait to.hear the story's the next time I come to ur house
    sincerely Lavonna

  2. Bill just to let you know I was just like last week as I read all the post. I kept checking last night for the blogs only to see ( can't post do to rain). I guess God wants all of you there another day so you can see all the good you all have done in his name. We will be praying for safe travels tomorrow.