Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 13 | Kelsie

I can’t believe we pretty much finished the playground today! It looks amazing and it was so much fun playing with the kids and seeing them learning how to use the equipment. I almost cried when one of the little boys about 4 years old or so that I had been playing with a lot of the morning gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek before he left. The market was way better this week than last. We had Jonny as a translator and I got to go the second group so it wasn’t as crowded and it was cooler. I’m excited to go bartering tomorrow and eat at mountain maid. I cannot wait to see my family, but I am so sad to leave Thursday. ☹ Seeing God work these two weeks has been amazing. He has changed my life by being here. I hope people can see how God has worked in me when I go home. I love and miss everyone at home more and more each day!! LYBTTS mom and dad!!

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  1. Oh my goodness can't wait till tomorrow when I can talk to you! Call me as soon as you can please! Of I'm at work call there okay?! I'm so exited to gear from you! 1 more day!!! Hope you've had a God day today I bet the kids were so exited! Lybtts!!!!!! Mom