Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 11 | Chase

Well today started a little earlier then normal. Most of us got up around 5:30 to get ready for church. It was defiantly a new experience for me. There was a whole lot more people then what I figured and they were all dressed very nicely. Singing is a very big thing they sing a lot and pray for a very long time also. There was a group of girls that sang and they were awesome there was only a couple of words that i knew they said but it was beautiful. After church we came and had brunch. Then we were off on what they called a hike!! Wrong answer it was rock climbing over waterfalls but it was amazing. The guy that took us is jonny he is awesome and he just ran threw everything it was crazy what we went threw. At first I would of told you your crazy if you think im going up that but I did with rest of everyone. Some of us made it to the 4th one that was as far as jonny would let us go. Even if we wanted to go there was no way any of us could have made it without gear or something but jonny can go right up it. The stuff that we were on we were crawling up on all fours and the Haiti were walking up with water on there heads. I have a knew thing for people around here its call A LOT OF RESPECT. I had a great day that was probably coolest thing I have done. I would come back here just to that again. Another the places we were climbing this is also where people had there gardens I have no idea how they even stay standing to do anything with it. I had great day again hopefully we will finish the ARK tomorrow!!

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