Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 11 | Darlene

Stephanie: We were so excited to hear the news at the airport and we all cheered! Can I blog this wonderful news of our grandbaby? Today: Worship started at 6:00 a.m, but for some reason we went at 6:30 a.m. It concluded at 8:45. Although we didn’t understand the creole language, there was a sweet spirit in our setting. My observation: The people here come dressed in their very best and are so respectful as they listen to the preached Word! They are also very charismatic in their worship and love for the Lord. This afternoon we took a so-called walk. It was much more than that as we carefully stepped down a steep, steep, rocky path looking down into the valley below. Our goal was the waterfalls. We seen amazing things: A lady carrying a full bucket of something on her head up this steep skinny path and still able to say bonjour to us and wave with her hand, people washing clothes and laying them out on the rocks to dry, and some cute kids swimming and running and jumping over the river and rocks like monkeys. You can tell they live here (not like us!) The Haitians make two trips a day down this path to get water. You’d just have to see it. Anyway, we were so thankful for our guides! They hoisted us up beside a steep waterfall and told us exactly where to step and not to step. I can’t believe I climbed up some of these straight-up walls of rock, but I did along with most of the group. Mark preached tonight and did a good job. We had the Haiti Baptist Leadership here and they seem excited with the playground we’ve been working on, and they have a big vision for outreach with this park. We are all ready for bed as our “adventure” today was 4 hours and 15 minutes long. Good night.

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