Sunday, June 23, 2013


Sorry everyone for the delay in getting the videos posted. Both Day 8 and 9 videos have been completed. The problem is getting them uploaded. We have ran into some problems with the internet services here. Hopefully we can get a couple videos online and posted tomorrow and start to get caught up. Some things to look forward to in the coming videos...First, we have the testimony from Shawn in the Day 10 video coming up. What a blessing to hear her tell her story. For those that have read about the "hike". We have some amazing footage to show of that trip in the Day 11 video. Becka wore the hat cam today, while I took the regular camcorder. The equipment for the most part survived, save one plastic mount. Again sorry for the delay, we will get them up as soon as we can. Please continue to post comments on the blog posts, share links on twitter and Facebook, and spread the word about the trip. God is truly being glorified here in Haiti through these adults and youth.

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  1. Eric, I wanted to tell you what a blessing your videos and pictures have been to us. Our daughters, Ashley and Rachel are on the trip with you guys. Our girls gave a short presentation to our church before they left on how much going meant to them. It was so emotional, not a dry eye in our church! Seeing this work as it takes place is inspirational. Hearing the stories everyone tells brings it to life. To hear Shawn's testimony about witnessing and leading someone to the Lord WAS SOOOO AWESOME!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for working for the Lord and keeping us in touch with you guys over there. It is an experience I will never forget! God is so good and he gives everyone talents to use, and I am so glad you are persistent through all the hard work to keep us connected! I think my husband has watch these videos a dozen times! Thanks again so very much.