Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 12 | Tiara

So today was the last day of hard labor! You wouldn’t think sifting sand and making concrete would be that hard, nor would digging a hole. Let me assure you it is!! Madison and I would not have completed those holes without the help of some of our Haitian friends. The man who helped us the most was named Phillip. He taught me a few more words in Creole, which helped out a lot!! Lunch came and then it was back to work. This time around I took an easier job and painted. Trey, Madison, and I started the rainbow on the side of the ark. It is almost complete. You would think painting a simple rainbow would be easy. But when you have to hang on to the side of the ark and paint a straight line, it’s rather difficult! Later in the day I met a very special friend. His name was Angelo and he is 16 just like me! I taught him how to swing and to slide down the slide. He was so precious. He could speak English, somewhat, so that was a plus! We talked about ours lives and my home back in America. I told him about my family, my pets, and even God. I learned that he went to the same church that I went to Sunday!! We talked for a good 30 minutes. He was very interested in all what I had to say. I have definitely met a friend worth meeting☺

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