Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 14 | Jerri

It is raining so hard right now on this big tin roof that we cannot hear each other. It is awesome! We had to take a break in our bible study last night and tonight because we couldn’t hear. Today was fun. We watched the ladies make jewelry out of cereal boxes, ate at the restaurant, met the kids we sponsored (except ours) and went shopping/bartering with the local merchants. That was an experience. My kids were better than I was. We had drinks for lunch with ice in them. We had homemade vanilla ice cream with fresh mangos for dessert this evening. The food has been great. We played with the kids on the playground today –some of them actually had to be taught how to play but it didn’t take long. The dedication service was great and the final banner was put on the top. I pray we are all changed. I pray we will always think twice before we complain or whine or think we have to have 3 of everything or the newest or the best or shoes to match every outfit. We are blessed and we are spoiled and I hope and pray forever changed. These people here are proud and they are clean and they are happy – despite all their challenges. We need to take lessons and be humbled. It has been a wonderful experience – one we will never forget.

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