Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 11 | Mickey

Hard to believe I have been here for 11 days already and with only 4 days left and yet so much to do. It is Sunday now and we got up and went to the early service. It began at 6:00 a.m. and did not let out until 8:45, so I guess I can’t complain if Mark goes a little long any more. The service was great, this Sunday the youth lead the worship and the singing and praises were awesome. Even though I could not understand what was being said or sung I knew that they were praising our God on high. Out of all the trips that I have been here this had to be the best one yet. There are a few good stories out of this Sundays service and I have to share one of them. You can ask Emerson about the others. About two thirds of the way though the service an elderly women came in and walked up the aisle where we were sitting. She stopped beside Bill and wanted to sit down and he didn’t look up. Mark and I looked at Bill and the lady bent down to look at Bill and she then moved on. After the service Mark and I ask Bill about the lady and he said “what lady”. He had fallen asleep and never saw her. Sundays are usually a long day here since we can’t work and all of the stores and vendors are closed. This is a day that we can either just sit around or go on a hike. Today 19 of the 24 went on the hike, and yes I was one of the 5 that did not go. I would like to go, but I need to be in better shape before I try this. The hike is over a 2,000 feet descent to a river at the bottom of the mountain we are on with several waterfalls to see. I don’t mind the going down but the coming up I don’t want to try yet. They compare it to walking up and down Powell’s Mountain but at a much steeper grade. There are parts of it that you either slide down or use a repelling rope. Sounds like a bunch of fun but not at this time for this fat boy. Monday can’t get here soon enough so we can begin work again. Each day we are getting closer and the kids are getting more excited about getting to start playing on it. Also there are changes each day as someone sees something else that we could build and that the kids could play on. Please continue to pray for us and we strive to get this project finished before we have to leave. With a good hard day’s work left we could possibly finish tomorrow. Looking forward to getting home and spending time with my girls, it was also hard to watch Faith begin to crawl over face time and me not being there to see it firsthand. Russell – This is for you. You have nothing to worry about Emerson and Travis are all talk when it comes to food. They can’t even eat half as much as you can put away. Tonight was the baked spaghetti and we had 2 complete rows of if left. Neither one of them could handle it. Travis is trying his best but Emerson doesn’t eat enough to sustain a field mouse.


  1. hi daddy. love you and can't wait to see you on Friday!hope you have a god night.

  2. I see she spelled good wrong. Need to teach her some better typing skills. We have to leave at 6:45 in the morning for Faith's dr. appt. Decided to go ahead and keep Riley's appt. in Clarksburg for Tuesday. Easier than trying to reschedule. Seems like the weather may be hotter here than in Haiti. Had one of your favorites today - baked steak and mashed potatoes. Faith ate your share. Got to see how she interacts with other babies in the nursery. She's not much on sharing. Riley has now taken back her roll as Faith's second mom. I'm glad that she loves her so much, though. I think Riley was really hoping to see you through Skype this evening, but I reminded her that she got to see you last night. Such a daddies girl! All continues to go well here. I hope you get everything accomplished tomorrow that you would like to do. Please tell Eric I know it must be a lot of work to post all the blogs, comments, and videos, but it is so very much appreciated! Love you, Mickey! Oh, and don't think you're keeping the scruffy beard when you get home. It has to go! LOL!