Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 13 | Allie

Today has been quite an interesting day! We got to go to the market where they buy all their produce. It’s nothing at all like our Krogers! There was farm animals, raw meat, fruits, vegetables and many other things. It was really crowded and you were constantly on top of someone. I got to be the barterer for our group, and it’s crazy how bad they want your business! They will do almost anything. After the market, we went on a ride in a tap tap which is like a truck with rails attached in the bed to hold on to. I got to see the Dominican Republic today too! The Ark is just about finished! All that is left is a few things! It’s an amazing feeling to see all the kids, younger and older, playing on something that I got the opportunity to work on! It makes me so happy to watch kids go down the slide that I once went down! God is absolutely amazing and indescribable! He has really opened my eyes being here! I am beyond blessed! Love and miss you all! See you soon!

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