Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 12 | Bill

What a day! We were blessed once again with great weather and we got a lot accomplished. The playground should be open by Tuesday nite. We are getting a truck load of sand tonite to put in the play area under the boat and around the equipment. The rock wall and cargo net are cemented in place. All the slides are finished as well as the swing sets. We finished the monkey bars today and they are cemented in. Someone tell Russell that I was the spud bar man today and we dug 24 holes for the equipment and filled them with cement. My upper body is very sore today and will be sorer tomorrow. Some of the team spent the day weeding around the playground and started planting flowers around the playground. We had several people watching us today. One little girl went down one of the small slides today and she had no idea what it was. The first time down it she hung on for dear life and was barely moving. Her eyes were huge and you could tell that she had no clue what to expect but that was not the case as she went down several more times. We are hoping to get everything done tomorrow so that we can play with the kids and show them how to use the stuff. There is so much expectation for the opening of the playground. We only have a few more braces to put on, the teeter-totters and the rings to swing on. We will have to spread all the sand that will be delivered as well. I am sure I will be sore tomorrow, but that will mean market day and the truck ride with the 2 groups. Enough today. Love ya bron and tell the boys hello

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  1. Love the picture of the kids playing on the equipment while you see the missionaries playing and working. Sounds like things have come together wonderfully. If tomorrow will be your first sore day you are doing great!!! I think that perhaps the kids couldn't wait till Tuesday evening to play. Enjoy playing!! Everyone says hello and they are praying for you!
    Love You and Miss You!!!!