Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 14 | Tiara

Today was full of anticipation. Mountain Maid, Bartering, and Meeting our sponsored kids were all on the agenda. The morning started out with a devotional lead by Mark. After “amen,” both our mission group and the Haitians joined hands and bowed our heads. Mark devoted the ark to God and said a little prayer. Pictures were taken. “Thank you’s” were shared. Smiles will be remembered. After all the excitement from that, our crew headed to Mountain Maid. The food was Amazing!!!!! I wish the food that was served there was cooked like that in America! So after our tummies were full, and our taste-buds worn out, we headed back to the ark to meet our sponsored kids. Smiley was the name of my little boy ☺ and let me tell you!, after warming up to us after a little bit, he couldn’t stop jumping, and playing, and smiling!! His name said it all! Holden chased him around like a dinosaur. My, my, my, did he hoot and holler about that! When our goodbyes were shared, we went for the bartering shops. I never made it 3 feet without someone grabbing me and saying “come to my shop, come to my shop,” or “I give you good price, come to my shop!” if a Haitian sees a white person, the automatically see $$$ signs. I was once again the Master Barterer! I got 2 paintings, a wooden elephant, vanilla, earrings, and something for my boyfriend that I will not post online incase he’s reading this:P On the way out of the Bartering shops, I made Travis and Trey walk with me, run actually. People were still coming up to you saying “come to my shop, come to my shop!” Well when Travis and I looked back, a man with two machetes was running after us! I don’t think I’ve ever ran that fast in my life! I rushed into Mountain Maid and thankfully avoided him! The rest of the day consisted of cleaning up really. My suitcase is probably not even half full (I couldn’t fit another single thing on the way up here). I decided that the Haitians need it more than me. It’s just clothes anyways. I can get more anytime that I want to. These people cannot. I really am truly blessed. I have everything a 15 year old could ever want in her life. God has allowed me the privilege of having what I do. I couldn’t be more blessed. Thank you Haiti for this experience that you have given me ☺

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