Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 14 | Emerson

Today is our last full day in Haiti. I’m going to miss this it all because I had such a blast this week. Today we went bartering and it was so much fun! I cannot wait to take all the presents home to mom, dad, and friends. I got myself a machete that says Haiti on the handle. It’s very dull so I’m going to have to sharpen it when I get home but that’s no problem. I’ve had so much fun this week in Haiti and I cannot believe it’s already over. Also, I got the privilege to meet the child that I chose to sponsor today. It was such a great time playing on the playground we made with him. Rood and Orchy (Rachel/Ashley’s child and mines) played together the whole time on the kiddy side of the playground. I loved meeting both children and I really hope that today makes them both want to be great works their whole lives. I also hope that I can meet him again one day. I think that today was by far the best day that I have had in Haiti. I’m not sure what time we’re leaving tomorrow morning, but I do know its 5:30 am, 7am, or 9am. It has been such an amazing adventure here in Haiti and will be hard to leave, but I cannot wait to see my parents Friday. Love and miss you mom and dad!! Miss everyone back home!

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