Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 11 | Shane

We went to a Haitian church this morning, it was a great experience. It doesn’t matter where you are we all serve the same God, and every church has people coming in late, cell phones ringing during service lol but once they were in worshiping no one left, everyone was focused on worshiping God! After church we went on a hike, and let me tell you it was a hike. We went to the fourth water fall, Which was farther than the “A” team was able to make it. It was something to see, the beauty was breath taking, and something everyone should try to experience. I strongly recommend if you get the chance, take the hike, its not for the faint at heart but well worth the walk! Im looking forward to getting back to work on the ark tomorrow and seeing the smiles of the kids. God is at work!

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