Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 12 | Brent

Today we almost finished the ark. It looks great. I worked with chase, madison, and tiara mixing concrete. I had the best time today. I miss everybody back home.


  1. Brent,

    It sounds like you all are making progress!!

    Since you didn't talk about food in this post (I think that's a first), I

    We all ate dinner at Nana's this evening...but we sure missed you. There were plenty of leftovers, even though Uncle Will did his best to make up for you not being there.

    I can't wait til you get home...I miss you a bunch and love you more!!

    Aunt Ronna

  2. I'm glad to hear you are almost done. I can't wait to see pictures and video of the ark finished and kids playing on it.
    We are leaving early Wednesday to get you all. I can't wait to hear all your stories!
    Love and miss you,