Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 12 | Darren

Another work filled day coming to a close. The ark is almost complete! The crowd at devotional this morning was great. Probably about 50-60 total. Shane and I finally worked our way out of the front corner of the ark. We thought we were in trouble having to spend so much time there. The drop down deck with your choice of curly slide or straight slide is great. A lot of head scratching went into that! I was blessed again today as I looked up to see Shawn sitting with a young Haitian teen witnessing and reading the Bible together on the sidewalk. After the workday was over, Shawn and I were the last to leave the playground area. Several locals were there playing and having a ball. It is so cool to see their faces as they have something new here. To many of them, they have never seen anything like it.

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