Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 11 | Jerri

Shane and I have decided the only thing left working on our body is our fingers. After church this morning we had a grilled cheese brunch and went on the Sunday afternoon hike of our lives! Oh My Goodness!!! Jon you were right – glad I went! (easy to say now). So many times I said “nope – I’m not doing that”…..and then I did. We literally went down one side of the mountain and up the other side and back – repelling and climbing slippery rocks up the side of the water falls. Got a lot of good pictures (or no one would have believed us.) My kids were troopers even though Madison will whine now for a month. They actually went up a 4th waterfall. I took too long to decide so decided to hang back with a few others. Not into the EXTREME stuff. Cindy – you would have LOVED it!! I was SO proud of Emmerson; he was awesome! The Haitians just walked circles around us with stuff on top of their heads at that!! It’s definitely been a day to remember forever. So glad I got to experience it with my family. God is good!!

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