Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 12 | Shawn

We had service this a.m. and saw many new faces. I’m feeling more and more comfortable coming to worship together . Even though we don’t speak the same language we serve the same God! We had a busy work day to try and finish the ark from bracing, to painting and even yard work. I got a chance to “speak” to another local today named Luckson. He didn’t speak English. I didn’t speak Creole, but we still managed to have a conversation. I grabbed my bible and a French Creole bible then flipped them open to the same verses. I did figure out that he has asked Jesus into his heart and he goes to church. Isn’t that awesome that we couldn’t understand each other but could understand that! He also helped me paint while we talked about Jezi (Jesus). After quitting time Darren and I were still at the ark when several locals came to see what we had done. A teenage boy showed up and I asked him if he wanted to swing. Luckily he spoke English. He told me no at first, but when I said that it was fun he wanted me to teach him. Oh what we take for granted. Imagine not knowing how to swing. Tiara came over and helped him learn while I took pictures. Even a cook named Nadine came over and learned how to swing, climb the rope ladder and even slide. I wish you could see the smiles!! The pics I took are priceless!

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