Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 12 | Chase

Today was a very busy day a lot of stuff was accomplished. I mixed a lot of cement today the whole morning and sifted all of the stone for it as well. I will be fine if I don’t mix cement for awhile. The second half of the day me and mark were reunited they finally realized what we get done I mean its crazy. Well me and him got stuck cleaning up logs and moving them out of the area for where there planting flowers. Then we got put back on the ark because we got that finished fast. Well altogether really there was a lot done and its coming together it really looks good. There is so many people showing up and watching kids are so excited its nice seeing people just dying to come play. I would say tomorrow it will be finished were getting broke up tomorrow because of where going to the market. Im very excited for tomorrow I think it will be a cool experience.

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