Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 13 | Mickey

Praise God “It is finished”, as we were putting the finishing touches on the Ark we were overrun with 40-50 kids that just came out of nowhere. There was one group of 15 girls that came in at once. They all went up the cargo net at the same time and then went down the slide. They then went straight to the rock wall and went one after another and then down the other slide. At one point there were children and adults on all 6 sets of swings, 8 teeter totters, and countless children climbing the climbing the cargo net and the rock wall all at the same time. It was breath taking, you just had to step back and take it all in. I have never seen so many children have so much fun and with the largest smiles you could ever imagine. For me the only drawback is that the first group is not her to experience it with us. Today was our day to go to the market. I was dreading this due to the experience I had last week. To make things worse Bill thought it would be fun to put all of the big guys in one group and send them together. So in my group today was Emerson and Travis. I pointed out the ones that I knew from the previous trip and tried to avoid them, but that did not work. She spotted our group and came towards us, I showed Johnny who was our interpreter and he took care of her and didn’t let her get near Emerson. We had several good laughs and bought a lot of fresh fruit which was served at dinner. It is hard to believe this trip is almost over. This has been the longest I have ever been away from my wife and girls at one time. I enjoy doing the mission work and helping others because that is where my heart is, but it is time for me to go home. I miss them very much and am ready to be home with them. Looking forward to sitting in my chair with Riley my cuddle buddy, I love and miss you. I will be home in a few days.

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  1. So no Big Poppy experience like last time, huh? I'm sure you were disappointed. Will be glad to have you back at home also. I think the first week was the hardest. Took Riley to the dr. today, it took all of five minutes so we went to the mall and the movies. Knew you would be tired when you got home and figured we could all go see Despicable Me 2 next week together. Faith fell asleep during the movie - thank goodness! You know how loud she can be. She actually fell asleep on Riley this evening while I was working outside. Yes, me outside - I know hard to believe, right? I even sweated. Not ready for the hard manual labor of Haiti just yet, though! Riley and I planned your welcome home dinner today! I think she picked the menu as much for herself as she did for you! She's so excited for her birthday to come - she thought she even needed a special birthday outfit. This turning double digits is such a big deal to her! We did have a talk that we really need to keep things in perspective as the children in Haiti are experiencing a playground for the first time so I'm sure birthdays aren't celebrated the same way either. I look forward to the time when the three of us can go to Haiti together. Do you think you'll still have it in you to go when Faith gets old enough. They say those Rascals go pretty well. :) So glad you all got everything accomplished! Look forward to seeing you Friday! Love you!