Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 11 | Tiara

When I woke up this morning I was someone who though she knew it all. High school is hard enough without all the distractions involved. Do you know what’s sad? It took me being in an entirely different country to make me realize that the way that I have been living a selfish, selfish life. I don’t deserve what I have. I really don’t. During church this morning, the only sentence spoken in English was “don’t turn your back on God, for God will Never turn his back on you.” This hit me HARD. I cried admitively. What have I been doing for this past year!? I have had a huge hole in my heart ever since. The hike cheered me up however. The waterfalls were gorgeous! Only Madison, Allie, myself, Holden, Brent, Dawn, Nate, and Johnny made it to the final waterfall. Everyone else tuckered out:D Yes, the trail was VERY difficult, and some parts I thought I wasn’t going to make it home, but it was worth it in the end. It was funny when Madison, Allie, and I were the first to arrive back at the “camp”. What was even more hilarious was that I had time to take a shower before the others arrived home!!! Haha, it was Great. I took a power nap before dinner and Sunday night service. I found out after I woke up that I was apparently in some awkward positions during my little nap. Embarrassing for sure!! But hey, I’ve had a good day for sure. I had a major heart-check and I am ready to be the obedient daughter God has planned for me. ☺

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