Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 11 | Rachel

Since today is Sunday, we went to church. It was amazing to see how at the beginning of the service (6:30 a.m.) there were only a few people but by the middle of the service the church was completely full. These people are so happy to be able to worship God. And I don’t say worship lightly; they literally worship and praise the Lord. They lift their hands and sing along with every song, and they say Amen when something amazing has been said. When I thought of church in Haiti, I always imagined an old little lady at the front of the church who would be extremely enthusiastic, I imagined right. This woman raised her hands, sang along, and danced with every single song. She was praising her Lord to the fullest. I’ve realized that even though we don’t have to be dancing at the front of the church with every song, we could all be more enthusiastic about praising our AMAZING God. God deserves so much more praise than we could ever give him. Around 11-12 a.m. most of the team went on a hike. It was a difficult hike, but I am SO glad I went. It was a great experience. It was so beautiful. Although I didn’t make it to see all the waterfalls (it was a VERY steep hill to climb), I saw 3 of them. They were so amazing! It’s awesome to think that our God created such a beautiful place. Haiti so far has been a wonderful place to be. It is a beautiful place that doesn’t get the credit that it deserves. It is definitely a much more beautiful place than I imagined. Can’t wait to be home and see everyone! Give loves to the puppies, mom, dad and Jenny! Tell Erica to give loves to Roxy too! I love you guys. Jordan, I love you too and I will see you soon! (:

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  1. Rachel, I love reading about the enthusiasm you see in the Haitian people. They have so little and yet praise God! How cool is that? We went to Skype tonight and of course, learned you weren't there, but I was so glad you went to hear Mark preach to the English speaking people. I bet it was amazing. Lance preached tonight at Gassaway and Dad and I were overjoyed by the sermon. It was about not worrying and trusting God! It was really a great, great message for us. It filled us with joy! I am so proud of you, Rachel. To know that you were willing to put to the side so many other things you could be doing to help others is such a blessing. I am thankful you are kind, loving and unselfish. (NOT TO MENTION YOU ARE IN THE DIRECT ADMIT NURSING PROGRAM AT WVU--GOOOOO, RACHEL!) Hahaha! Couldn't resist, I am bursting with pride. Thank you for working so hard at home to help others and thank you for working to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti! I am so thankful God gave you to me for a daughter. I love you!!