Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 11 | Emerson

Sunday! This morning we went to the church service at 6:30. It lasted about 2 hours or so and was a really fun service. Even though I had no clue what they were saying I knew that they were praising our Lord God and that is truly the most important thing. During the service there was a praying that had to last 20 to 25 minutes. Of course I leaned on the pew ahead of me and couldn’t help but to fall asleep. Thankfully, Kelsie was there beside me to wake me up lol. Earlier during the service there was an older Haitian lady that tried to sit beside Bill. He was out cold because he had no clue what they were saying as well just like the rest of us. It was the funniest thing that happened all day to see Bill soundly asleep and the women trying to sit beside him. She occasionally went up a few more pews and sat down. I ended up going on the hike today and it was really fun! I did fine on the hike! Now I am showered and ready for my parents to see me on skype this evening! It truly touches my heart that they are going to a church service to see me here; even though I won’t be able to see them. Today has been such a fantastic day and I am glad to be a part of God’s team! Missing everyone back home! Love and miss you mom and dad!

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