Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 13 | Tiara

Market day, Market day, market, market, market day!! Going to the market was a once-in-a-lifetime-experience if you are ever in Haiti. Crowds of people were trying to sell or buy products for their families. Even though it was packed I didn’t mind. I was enjoying every second of it! We bartered with the locals on foods such as papayas, grapefruit, habanero peppers, breadfruit, mangos, limes, avocados, and some more local fruit that I just can’t remember the names of. I was the Master Barterer!!! I got exactly what I wanted for the price I wanted! I even topped Trey’s bartering market day! I was so proud of myself. I had help from Allie as well so she was my money girl☺. After the market, we went to the bakery. The bread was Amazing! I ate like 5 rolls. When we arrived back at camp, the 2nd team was ready to leave for the market. We finished up the Ark as well. All that was left was to shovel the sand around it. I’ll admit it. I didn’t do much work at all! Kids were pouring in from everywhere to come and play!! I taught soooooo many children how to slide, swing, climb, and even teeter-totter! Shon-Shon helped me out a lot by translating things that I said to the kids. For being only 8, he is so smart! Not to mention adorable! My favorite part of the entire day, had to be when I was surrounded by a VERY large group of Haitian girls. They were Extremely interested in my Blonde hair since they had never seen hair that color before. All of a sudden I felt a tug on my bun. One of the Haitian girls took out my ponytail and started playing with my hair. In one single motion, all the girls pitched in and started playing, twisting, tying, untying, and pinning my hair. Do you remember what it was like as a kid when you were given a lice check? That is what many described to me of what it looked like:P They actually didn’t do a bad job! I wore it like that for a while, up until my shower! I was touched, kissed, hugged, squeezed, and cuddled up to more times today than I ever have been in my life! When it was time for those girls to leave, they all grabbed my arms and waist and crowded around me. They each gave me a hug and said their goodbyes. There was nothing that could have topped today! Thank you God for how truly you have blessed me with everything that I have!! ☺

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