Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 14 | Madison

Today was absolutely amazing! Playing with the kids this morning was so much fun; they’re such beautiful children. I really enjoyed when we all made a circle and prayed after devotions. That was touching. Taking pictures with Johnny was fun. I’m really going to miss him a lot. He was a joy to have around. I’ll definitely have to come back down and see him. Phillip, one of the stone workers, brought his son with him today, and I kid you not, he was the prettiest kid I had seen all week. I never got to see him smile though which was sad. His name was Phillipson. That was so clever to me. Monica said that was really common for men to add “son” to the end of their names for their son. He had the biggest eyes I have ever seen. He was a beautiful little boy. Our lunch was delicious! I wish we could have eaten at Mountain Maid more often! I wish I could have gotten to meet my child that I sponsored, but it was fun to watch everyone bond with theirs. Trey said that he was going to go look for mine and Mark’s kids around dinner time, so hopefully they find them. I loved the bartering! I thought it was so much fun! I got pretty good at it. I didn’t buy anything half price or more. I was a little disappointed that all the stuff was the same in every store; I expected more of a variety. I could have bought a lot more stuff, but I was kind of on a budget. I’m really excited to come back next year and see everyone again! I can’t wait to tell everyone at home about how incredible God truly is! I’m a little embarrassed that it took me this long to figure it out. I am blessed beyond belief, and I just want to take everyone home with me so that they can get away from this place. Seeing some of these kids breaks my heart when I wonder what kind of life they have at home. I see adoption of a Haitian baby in my future. Please pray for us as we travel back home tomorrow. I am so excited to see everyone. I’ve really missed them. It will feel good to be home. Love and miss you all! Just one more day!

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