Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 13 | Ashley

I can’t believe it’s finished! Today was a great day! This morning we worked/played on the playground. While we were planting flowers, a mom & her two sons (one was a toddler & one was barely walking), were watching us. I went over & asked if they wanted to play on the kiddie playground & the mom said yes. I was so excited to show these kids how to play on the playground!! So the toddler went up and went down the slide twice & loved it! I caught both of them at the end of the little slides. The mom put the baby on the slide & I caught him. I could tell he was a little scared because he was so tiny! Then his mom slid him down another time. The last time he started crying! It was so sad! He held onto my hand really tight cause he didn’t want to go again! They were sooooo adorable! I loved it so much!! There were a TON of people playing on the playground today!! The big hit is the swings! Everybody loves them. We also went to the market today. The drive was SCARY! We were in the back of a kind of dump truck that we had tiny bars to hang on to. The roads are ROUGH so it was super scary! My hands are still sore from holding on so tight! The market was crazy. People & stuff everywhere. I can’t really describe it on here or it would be three pages! It was crazy. Tomorrow we meet the little boy Rachel & I decided to sponsor through school! He’s only three so I’m excited & nervous! One more day & then I’ll be able to text/talk to my family & boyfriend! I CAN’T WAIT! I miss & love you guys!!!


  1. How exciting! It's finished!! It has to be amazing to see kids play on the ark now! I can't imagine how joyful it must be. So you guys rode like cattle in the dump truck, huh? That is so funny. I hope you get to meet your little guy tomorrow. Give him big hugs! Can't wait to talk to you! I love you, honey!

  2. I forgot to tell you that I talked to Nathaniel today! He is missing you sooo much! Love you!