Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 12 | Ashley

Another working day! Today was great! I dug holes, helped with cement, & helped finish the roof with Kelsie & Rachel! It was awesome to see the two of them on the very top!! The groups of people watching today were much bigger! I love seeing their curiosity & excitement! We are ALMOST done! I can’t wait to see the entire thing finished!! I love seeing a few kids learn how to climb & play on the equipment. At first they are very shy and don’t won’t to go down the slides, but then once they know how it is, they absolutely love it! It makes me so happy! I will say something I didn’t like about today. We saw a group of guys who I guess found a young-ish dog in the woods & they caught it and put it in the zoo. But the thing that bothered me was that they were carrying it by its hind leg. It was pitiful. & they were being mean to it. It brought tears to my eyes. I hated it. At first, Kelsie & I thought they were going to kill/hurt it. If they would’ve tried to hurt it they shoulda been ready for me to say & do something! But thankfully, they just put it in the zoo. & we saw them feed it. So I guess it’s okay. But other than that we got so much done today & it was awesome! We’re waiting for dinner now & we’re just sitting around talking and laughing. Its fun! Rach & I will be going to the Skype session on Wednesday so we’ll be answering questions. I don’t expect you guys to go since I’ll be able to text/call you the very next day. So don’t miss church!! We’ll talk to you Thursday!!! I can’t wait to be home! I love you mom, dad, jenny & Erica & I miss you! To Nathaniel: I miss you like crazy! I CANNOT wait to see you!!! I love you SO much! <3


  1. Hi Ashley. Sorry to hear about the puppy, but sometimes other folks don't feel the same way we do about animals. I glad it ended well. I love, love, love hearing your enthusiasm! Lane messaged me and told me about you coming to Skype. I told him we were thrilled you guys got to go, but to please let the GBC folks talk to their families. We are just glad you guys got the opportunity to go. (Dad was also afraid I would cry-and maybe you guys too!!) I testified at GBC the other night and told them about you guys going up front and telling our church family about previous trips and how emotional and wonderful it was for you and a blessing TO OUR WHOLE CHURCH! I told them GBC is affecting Haiti in a wonderful way and people right here at home in an amazing way to! I love you all. I am so thankful for the blessing of reading your words! See you soon! Can't wait! Love you!

  2. So proud of u working so hard for the Lord miss u but will see u soon
    Prayers and Hugs pastor Ted and Marilou