Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 1 | Hannah

The ride down was alright but crammed and the airplane ride was funny. Then we went into a storm and the turbulence with was like a roller coaster. Once we landed and I saw the people and what they lived yet there were still happy. The smell was awful but they said it was not as bad as it was with the tent city’s there, which I could not even imagine. Even though they don’t have a lot some are happier than some people who have everything they want. Once we got here there were kids everywhere it was crazy. Uncle Bill took us on a tour of the compound and it was really pretty. Happy Father’s Day dad I love you and miss you. Could you record Twisted on ABC family? I am doing fine, having fun and safe !!


  1. Hey Bug!! Glad you're there safely! Miss you bunches and love you more!!

    Aunt Ronnie

  2. I miss my favorite niece! I am excited to hear all about how God used you and what you saw, etc.
    I love and miss you,
    Aunt Melissa