Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 1 | Logan Morlan

Well we have made it, to the wild and wonderful Haiti island. So far I have run into several old friends such as Chris, Abby, and Bri, its really good to see them I thought I wouldn’t get to ever see them again. We have invented a new game and if it ever becomes famous I want to get all royalties. The game is called Frasketball it is when you take a Frisbee and throw it through a hoop, simple but fun. I miss everyone back home but I know that I’m going to be home very soon. I start at the wood pile tomorrow its not so bad well I guess I have to get off here so that Russell can type something heart felt and loving or at least as best as he can. Love and miss you all and happy 22nd.

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  1. Happy 22 hope everything is going great love and miss you