Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 1 | Quinn Stalnaker

Today was the first day we stepped foot in Haiti. We flew into Port-au-Prince through the missionary airline, MFI. The flight itself was very smooth other than the slight turbulence we experienced as we came closer to landing. And, we only had one person throw up! The drive to the compound was interesting to say the least. There is no right or left side of the road. If you are driving and you think you can fit between any two cars on the road, you fly through the crowds of people on the roads, and through the other cars. The mountainside is beautiful. There are fields on the mountain that are literally at 90 degree angles. It is amazing to me how these people have managed to use every bit of land in different ways. It was fairly cool today. It stormed shortly after we got here and really cooled everything down. The people are very friendly, and our cook, Mary Lou, is a sweetheart. She is also a very, very good cook. Tonight, we ate a bunch of lasagna, homemade bread, and salad. We also played some hardcore games of Ninja. I love Haiti. It is amazing. Love you Dad and Nick. Miss you guys!

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