Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 10 | Holden

God bless Haiti!!! I’ve fallen in love with this country. The people are wonderful and I love to play with the kids. I was asked to start weeding the little garden in front of the ark(behind Eric’s 30 second camera) and a Haitian man came up to me and started having a conversation. After a while mom was invited to the conversation. We started talking about flowers and I learned flowers are one of his favorite things. His name is James and he had his friends son with him, Sean-Sean.(Shawn-Shawn is how its pronounced.) Well my mom went with James and prayed together. Read my mom’s (Shawn Hunter’s) blog to find out more. Well me and Brent Dittman stayed behind and talked to Sean-Sean. He only spoke French-Kriol so we had Johnny translate for us. We told stories of Noah’s Ark, In the Beginning, Adam and Eve, and Daniel in the Lions den. After “story time” I toke him onto the red swirly slide. His little face lit up when he came to the bottom. ☺ Then we went to the little kids playground next to the ark. Of course my mother took pictures so ask her for them. I also learned some French-Kriol myself and that’s how I’m going to end my blog by saying “Jayzi raymay ou” (Jesus loves you!!!)

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