Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 10 | Tiara

Life is so full of wonders. If I could live here, I would in a heartbeat! No questions asked! The people here are Amazing, the landscape is beautiful, there is no drama, no distractions,… it is just simple here. And I’m loving every second of it!! God was on our side today. Breakfast was good- cooked by my own father might I add!:p Pancakes, toast, bacon was on the menu! I spent A LOT of the day painting. Painting boards, slides, scripture, you name it- I painted it!! I also helped weaved a rope bridge together, which a board busted when it was “Micky Tested”. That board was weak anyways, soooo not Micky’s fault!! But something that was truly amazing was my mom. She lead a Haitian man to Christ today. (you have to read her blog!!- Shawn Hunter) His name was James. I had the pleasure of welcoming him into the family after he accepted Christ. Along with James, there was an adorable boy named Shon Shon. He was cute as a button. Madison Oney quickly fell in love when she saw him! ☺ He was the first child, other than Josiah, who has able to play on some of the equipment! His face lit right up when he raced down the slide. I’ve taken around 50 or so pictures since I’ve been here. I’m really missing my family back home- including my boyfriend, but they know I am on this trip for a greater good! This week is going splendid though, and a lot is getting accomplished through God! I can’t wait until the ark is finished and I get to play with the children!! Keep our team in your prayers ☺

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