Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 10 | Travis

I absolutely love the people here! I mean they have so much compassion and love for being able to live the life they live. It seriously does make me so happy to see the joy and the smiles on the little kid’s faces as we continue to build the playground. I can’t wait to be able to watch them play when get finished with it. It just really is awesome and so touching. Whenever people say it is the people that make the place as great as it is. Haiti is the definition of that and there absolutely no question about it. The food here is amazing and I actually wouldn’t be surprised if I gain weight during this entire week. Bible study in the morning is very interesting and cool because it is all translated. Hearing the words of Haitians and how much they praise God is truly a blessing! During work today, I weaved cargo nets which took most of the afternoon and got really good at it after a while, mixed cement once again and will have to do it again Monday for the last slide. Noah’s arc really does look like awesome and can’t wait to see what it will look like when it is completed. I also played basketball with one of the guys here, his name is Johnny and is a senior in high school. He’s really cool. I enjoy being here more and more every day, but there is still no place like home, like I said early it is the people that make the place as great as it truly is. I miss my parents, Wyatt, and Shay so much and my family and friends! This week has really led me closer to God so far and will continue to do so as our mission group goes to the church service in the morning. Tomorrow is another day that God gives us and we must make the most of it just like every day we are on God’s green earth and I look forward to it most definitely! Love you guys and miss you!

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  1. Hello Travis Lee, seen you on the video keep up the good work & be safe. Here's your Mama, Hi Travis, looks like you are having a great time! Tell big E hello & I enjoyed your video too. Such a beautiful place & very nice playground. The smile on the kids faces is priceless! So proud of you & everyone involved! Take and see you when you get back. Let us know that our emails are going thru in your next email, luv you& miss you & by the way Iam doing ok :)